Dental Trauma Treatment in Edmond, OK

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Contemporary Endodontics provides dental trauma treatment to patients in Edmond, OK, and surrounding communities. Contact us at 405-285-5042 or send us a message to schedule an appointment.

What is Dental Trauma?

Any injury to the teeth, jaw, or soft tissues of the mouth is considered dental trauma. The most common causes of trauma to the teeth, gums, and jaw are sports injuries, falls, and vehicle accidents. However, innocuous behaviors including eating hard foods, biting your nails, or chewing on a pen can also cause trauma to the teeth.

 Dental trauma may result in:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Fractured teeth
  • Teeth that have broken in half
  • Knocked-out teeth (avulsed teeth)
  • Teeth that have been knocked loose (displaced teeth)

Minor chips in teeth are not considered dental emergencies, though you should see your dentist soon to have the tooth repaired. Other trauma to the teeth needs to be treated as soon as possible, in an effort to save the tooth from severe decay, or tooth loss. 

Severe trauma to the teeth, including a tooth that has been knocked out, or a tooth that has split completely in half needs treatment immediately. In some cases, even a tooth that has been completely knocked out may be saved, but you’ll need to get to an endodontist within an hour. 

Treatments for Dental Trauma

The type of treatment your trauma will require will depend upon what caused the injury, and how severe the injury is to the teeth, or the gums. Treatments may include:

Root canal

A root canal may be necessary if the pulp of the tooth has become exposed as a result of an injury. Children may require a pulpotomy (baby root canal) to repair a tooth that sustained a significant injury.

Dental Crown

For a tooth that has cracked above the gum line, a dental filling, or a dental crown can often save the tooth.

Tooth extraction

Unfortunately, if a tooth breaks below the gum line, the tooth will need to be extracted. However, technological advancements have led to a variety of options for replacing missing teeth, with restorations that look and function like natural teeth. 


If you’ve experienced a laceration to the soft tissues of the mouth, your endodontist will need to clean, sterilize, and sometimes suture the wound for proper healing.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Trauma

Is there any way to prevent dental trauma?

You can reduce the likelihood of serious trauma by wearing a sports guard when playing sports. Unfortunately, most dental traumas are caused by accidents that could not have been predicted.

Why should I see an endodontist for dental trauma?

Endodontists are dentists who sought additional training, experience, and specialization in treating tooth pain. Endodontists are experts in the complex problems that can affect the pulp of the tooth. Because damage to the pulp and the root of the teeth can lead to tooth loss, it's wise to have dental trauma treated by an endodontist.

Will treatment for a cracked tooth hurt?

No. The area of the mouth to be treated will be entirely numbed before treatment. Our endodontists will monitor you throughout the treatment to ensure your comfort.

If you’ve suffered trauma to the mouth or teeth, contact us at 405-285-5042, and we will prioritize your care. If you are experiencing uncontrolled bleeding from the mouth following a sports injury, or car accident, go immediately to the nearest emergency room.