Can a Knocked Out Tooth Be Saved?

Can a Knocked Out Tooth Be Saved?

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Teeth may suffer trauma from falls, sports injuries, and accidents. In some instances, teeth may leave their sockets altogether. This problem is referred to as a knocked-out or avulsed tooth. If this happens to you, you may worry that the dentist will not be able to save your tooth. If you follow these steps, the endodontist will have a better chance of restoring your tooth.

If you want to save your tooth, you must act quickly. If you can get to the endodontist within 30 minutes, the chances of saving your tooth will significantly increase.

Steps to Save Your Tooth

  1. Find the tooth immediately. When you find it, handle it only by the crown. Do not touch the roots.
  2. If the tooth is dirty, rinse it gently with water, but do not scrub or dry it. Avoid wrapping it in a tissue or towel.
  3. Place the tooth back in the socket if you can. You may need to press down gently by biting down on it or using your fingers.
  4. Ensure the tooth stays moist if you can't get it back into the socket. Please put it in a small cup of milk or tuck it inside your cheek. You can also use a small cup of saliva. You may also be able to find an emergency preservation kit called Save-A-Tooth. Whatever you do, please do not put it in water, or you will damage the root surface cells.
  5. Get to the endodontist or dentist as quickly as possible, preferably within 30 minutes. Endodontists may be able to save teeth even if they have been out of the socket for more than an hour.

The Restoration Process

If you replaced the tooth in its socket yourself, the endodontist will ensure it is in the correct place. If you arrive with the tooth in a cup of liquid, they will clean it properly and replace it in the socket.

The endodontist will splint your tooth to its neighbors to encourage the roots to bond with the jaw again. The splint holds the tooth in place so the roots can reattach.

After a few weeks, you will need to return to the endodontist to have the splint removed.

Why See an Endodontist for a Knocked-Out Tooth?

Endodontists have exceptional skills when it comes to restoring knocked-out teeth. Sometimes, your restored tooth may need a root canal after healing.

While you can see your family dentist for a knocked-out tooth, an endodontist will give you a better chance of going forward with a fully functional tooth. You will be able to avoid a costly restoration like a bridge or implant.

Call Contemporary Endodontics

Preserve your tooth as detailed above to maximize the chance of a successful restoration. An endodontist's expertise will give you the best chance of saving your tooth. If you have a knocked-out tooth, call our Edmond, OK, office at 405-285-5042 as soon as possible for an emergency appointment.