3 Myths About Root Canals

3 Myths About Root Canals

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That throbbing pain in your mouth has begun to drive you mad. You can’t eat or sleep or even think. All you can focus on is excruciating ache coming from one of your teeth. Looks like it is that dreaded time to go and see the dentist. They then explain that you need a root canal and all the horror stories that you have ever heard echo through your head. Fortunately, the myths are nothing more than that, and the truth is far more mundane.

Why Would I Need a Root Canal?

In extreme occasions, pulpitis develops in an area of your mouth. This is when the pulp of the nerves inside your teeth and gums become infected. This can be caused by an ignored cavity, broken teeth that expose the nerve, or general disintegration of your teeth. Even before the severe pain comes through, a root canal may be something that is needed. This is why, as much as we all hate it, a regular trip to the dentist is necessary.

Here Are Some Myths, and the Truth Behind Them, to Calm You Before the Procedure

#1 A Root Canal is Incredibly Painful

This is not true. Varying levels of sedation are available to keep you comfortable while we fix the exposed and/or infected nerve. Your dentist and hygienist are going to be well aware of your fear, so they will be conscientious of your discomfort and will discuss your treatment plan with you in depth.

#2 It Takes Several Appointments for a Root Canal

Another common excuse to avoid a root canal is that you do not have the time. But in actuality, it can all be accomplished in as little as one or two appointments, depending on the severity of the infection. If you need a crown to replace the broken tooth, this may take one extra appointment.

#3 Root Canals Cause Illness

This myth started from a study done by Dr. Weston Price nearly 100 years ago. The myth is that a root canal allows more bacteria to get in your mouth, causing even more problems with your general health. However, Dr. Price’s research was debunked back in the 1930s. The fact is that bacteria are always in your mouth, which is why consistent upkeep of your dental health is so important. If you do NOT take care of infections in your teeth, THAT may actually cause problems in your body as the infection can flow through your bloodstream, affecting other organs.

Ready to Get Started?

We are all afraid of the dentist. It is one of the worlds most common phobias. But the skilled professionals at Contemporary Endodontics of Oklahoma can help you. We specialize in root canals, and we are here for you every step of the way. Contact us now at 405-285-5042 to schedule your appointment.